Thursday, April 03, 2008

Oasis on MTV - My Super Sweet Sixteen

Oasis Specialist Tent Hire was recently featured on MTV’s new show called My Super Sweet Sixteen.

We helped to create the beautiful Bollywood backdrop for a lass from Yorkshire's 18th last summer! … in all that 2007 rain.

Here are some more shots from the wonderful party… and its great to hear in the episode from My Super Sweet Sixteenth, so many amazing comments from the young guests as they walk in: “wow”, “it looks like you have walked into India”, “absolutely amazing”, “unbelievable”, “I am soo impressed”, “The setting is amazing”.

The guests arrived in Tuk-tuks from:

Kula Shaker performed:

You can watch the rest of the MTV movie here: or see more of the unique events created for the show here: (Click on Dom’s section).

Our client was Dom Sidwell and her party received a “sweetness” rating of 9.92 last time I looked.

UAE stages first camel beauty contest

10,000 camels (the ‘ships of the desert’) have been lined up for a beauty parade in the United Arab Emirates!

According to, “The United Arab Emirates has held its first national beauty contest for camels with a prize fond of about $27,000 and various trophies for the winners”.

Camels from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia will strut their stuff before a panel of expert judges who will decide which owners should be awarded prize money totalling around 9.5 million dollars. Apparently one hundred cars are also up for grabs!