Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Winter wonderland

We had 'fun' in nearly a foot of snow in Birmingham the other day!
Still... we were able to transform and made the very white marquee into something cosy for this winter wedding for 250 people!

Oasis Specialist Tent Hire: new logo and brochure leaflet

We’re pleased to launch our new logo:

It was created by designer John Alderson, who’s worked for the London Underground design team, Virgin Atlantic, and the RNLI to name but a few.

It’s elegant, slightly more modern than our previous logo, whilst retaining a hint of the Orient.

John has also helped us design Oasis’s new brochure.

This is not a sales communication as such; it is image-rich and copy-light the idea being to use tried and trusted images to inspire; text to give just enough information to “understand” what we do; and finally to intrigue the client to pick up the phone or find out more via the website.

So far it seems to have worked rather well!