Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Weddings go East - ConfettiEast.co.uk

Weddings with an Eastern theme are set to be big in 2007, with couples spicing up their nuptials with glamorous Asian influences, according to wedding retailer Confetti.

The UK’s largest wedding directory now has a section for weddings with an eastern theme: www.confettieast.co.uk.
Whether you are having an Indian wedding or want a wedding with a wow factor and a twist, this micro site offers ideas, inspiration, products and services relating to the exotic east and according to the people at Confetti is “a complete one-stop resource for anyone planning an Asian or Asian style celebration”.
With guides to style, fashion and beauty and customs, the site aims to educate, inform and entertain anyone planning a Hindu, Sikh or Islamic wedding as well as appealing to those brides who wish to add a little something different to a traditional ceremony.

Whether you want to introduce a touch of Eastern elegance or long to add some Bollywood bling to your big day Oasis Specialist Tent Hire can help. You can find the listing for our beautiful
wedding decorations, linings and Bedouin Tents here: http://www.confetti.co.uk/article/view/7630-7926.do

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