Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Green Weddings - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Continuing the green theme, I came across Green Weddings the other day - Ruth Culver will organise your wedding for you and keep it green. Amongst some of her ideas are:
  • Go local with your food & drink to cut food miles.
  • Source recycled materials for your invitations, or just use e-mail.
  • Use biodegradable confetti, or collect petals from flowers a florist was throwing out.
  • Do you really need new kitchenware? Consider a charity wedding list or select eco-friendly products.
  • Rent outfits or look for vintage - only buy things you'll definitely wear again.
  • Have a local stag/hen party - you’ll spend less time travelling
  • Honeymoon locally

We think we're pretty green too! Much of our equipment is hired out several times and is thus "re-used" - for example our Persian rugs are cleaned and re-used for every event.

Most of all I'd like to find a solution to the large amounts we pay for diesel for our small fleet of delivery vehicles. Any ideas welcome. email me here: info@oasistents.co.uk

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