Friday, June 02, 2006

Camel Racing in the UK

Now this would be fun – camel racing… and in the UK!
From Joseph's Amazing Camels Ltd website:
The only camel racing business in the UK that puts on a spectacular display in your arena at outdoor events, county shows, agricultural shows, conferences, horse shows, race courses and any public gathering where the audience will be amazed. We offer four camels who are impeccably mannered. Your riders (over 18, wearing hard hats, with riding experience) will be led down the course on the camels by our experienced handlers and then our riders will race them back. All our handlers are attired in Arab-style costumes to complement the camels in their magnificent racing colours. Join in the spirit and dress up your riders too! No need to provide riders if you don't want to, our jockeys will do the whole display, racing down the arena, round the hairpin bend and back again.
More here:
Or you can hire camels from Oasis… here’s some camels hired earlier this year by a client

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