Saturday, May 06, 2006

The V&A's new Islamic and Middle East gallery

And if that’s not enough… [see previous post about contemporary Art from the Middle East at the British Museum] …the V&A has received a substantial donation to transform its Islamic Middle East gallery, as part of its FuturePlan programme. The new gallery will be named the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art.

The new gallery will house treasures from the V&A's superb collection of Islamic art from the Middle East, including such famous pieces as the Ardabil carpet from 16th-century Iran, which is one of the largest and finest carpets in existence, and an exquisite rock crystal ewer from 11th-century Egypt.

The displays will explain how Islamic art developed from the great days of the Islamic caliphate in the 8th and 9th centuries AD. They will encompass carved ivories from Islamic Spain, inlaid metalwork from medieval Egypt, Iznik ceramics from Ottoman Turkey, tilework from 14th-century Uzbekistan and oil paintings from 19th-century Iran.

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