Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble [from the 20/03/06]

“Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble

Lighting up in London’s pubs, clubs and restaurants is set to become illegal after the House of Commons voted overwhelmingly on February 14th to ban smoking in all enclosed public spaces. The law, which will take effect in the summer of 2007, brings England in line with Scotland and Northern Ireland, which by then will have introduced bans of their own. The government claims the blanket ban will reduce the number of smoking-related illnesses and deaths.

Controversially, the ban will apply to private members’ clubs, where fat cigars are practically de rigueur in some cases. It is also causing consternation among London’s Middle Eastern residents, many of whom gather to smoke hookah pipes in bars, cafés and restaurants. They claim the water pipes are less harmful than cigarettes, and that banning their public use will hurt both the establishments and the larger community. With the proposed ban yet to pass through the House of Lords, they may still win a concession.” [from the 20/03/06]

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Depending on locality, hookahs are known variously as a water pipe, nargeela/nargile/narghile/nargileh, argeela/arghileh, shisha/sheesha, okka, kalyan, ghelyoon or ghalyan, or hubble-bubble/hubbly-bubbly... see wikipedia for more here: