Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Weddings go East - ConfettiEast.co.uk

Weddings with an Eastern theme are set to be big in 2007, with couples spicing up their nuptials with glamorous Asian influences, according to wedding retailer Confetti.

The UK’s largest wedding directory now has a section for weddings with an eastern theme: www.confettieast.co.uk.
Whether you are having an Indian wedding or want a wedding with a wow factor and a twist, this micro site offers ideas, inspiration, products and services relating to the exotic east and according to the people at Confetti is “a complete one-stop resource for anyone planning an Asian or Asian style celebration”.
With guides to style, fashion and beauty and customs, the site aims to educate, inform and entertain anyone planning a Hindu, Sikh or Islamic wedding as well as appealing to those brides who wish to add a little something different to a traditional ceremony.

Whether you want to introduce a touch of Eastern elegance or long to add some Bollywood bling to your big day Oasis Specialist Tent Hire can help. You can find the listing for our beautiful
wedding decorations, linings and Bedouin Tents here: http://www.confetti.co.uk/article/view/7630-7926.do

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just back from Scotland: barn linings and transformation

And we’re also just back from a week in the Highlands of Scotland, where we installed our linings for a big wedding in an enormous farm barn (80' x 80' and 6400 square feet*) for 350 people – some before and after images of our transformation below.

Most of the guests didn’t know that they were in a farm barn from what I can gather!

*Typical marquee widths are 20', 30', 40', and 50' (or 6, 9, 12, 15 metres).

Morocco buying and sourcing trip

We’ve just got back from Morocco where we’ve been on a buying trip, talking to designers, craftsmen and manufacturers. ... and where we drunk a LOT of mint tea!

We stayed in some lovely places in Marrakech, the Atlas, and so on, amongst them:

Dar Ayniwen in the Palmeraie – great for rest and relaxation. Excellent food too
Riad L'Orangeraie – Cyril was very helpful!
Chez Momos in the mountains [though watch out for the construction of a dam nearby]
Heure Bleue – Essaouira – unadulterated luxury

Transport by
EasyJet and Grand Taxi, though you could just as well hire a car – it’s very good value.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wedding Interiors - Viya Magazine

We've just appeared in a niche wedding magazine. One of our clients from earlier this year was interviewed about her wedding for which we provided a small marquee:

Viya Magazine describes itself as the style bible for Asian Brides.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wedding Planner Directory

Our branch in the South West now advertise in the Wedding Planner guide – a directory for wedding suppliers in the West Midlands and West of England.

The Wedding Organizer & Planner are a series of books for every bride and groom arranging their wedding. They contain information, tips, and checklists covering every aspect of your wedding, as well as an invaluable guide to local wedding suppliers - you can see more online at weddingplanner.co.uk

Friday, September 08, 2006

Henna / Mehendi Parties - furniture, decor, tents and marquees

This year Oasis Specialist Tent Hire has done about 75% more Henna / Mehendi / Mehndi parties than last year. This is a Muslim and Hindu celebration that is especially common in India, and the Middle East.

When and Why is it Used?

The Mehndi party is held before the wedding. Traditionally, it is held in the home of the bride and only includes women from the bride's side. It is a fun and relaxing evening for the bride to spend with her closest friends and relatives. The evening is spent applying mehndi (henna) designs to the bride. Friends and family may also have some mehndi. While applications are being done their may be music, dance and other entertainment for the guests.

Mehndi is the Indian word describing the process of painting patterns on the body with henna paste and the resulting stains left on the skin.

Its main use is the adornment of the bride’s hands and feet before the marriage ceremony in Hindu and Muslim cultures.

Traditional wedding mehndi can be incredibly dense, resembling lace gloves. It often covers the tops and palms of the hands extending up the arms, and the soles and tops of the feet extending up the legs. Bridal mehndi is a sign of status and celebration and is one of the first gifts from husband to wife. Often symbols of fertility and love such as peacocks, hearts, and mangoes will be incorporated into the design. The new couple’s initials are sometimes hidden among the patterns to initiate intimacy on the wedding night. A game is played whereby the groom searches the bride’s body for their initials.

Certain customs hold that when the new bride moves into her husband’s home she will do no housework while her mehndi is visible. This allows the woman to familiarize herself with her new family and to find her place within it.

Traditionally, only married women practice this art. Mehndi and its accompanying rituals and uses become the single outlet for personal expression and autonomy for many women in the East.

Who Uses Mehndi?

People all over the world and of different religious beliefs and ethnicities use henna. Though henna and mehndi are used in some religious practices and customs it is not sacred or religious in nature. Mehndi is celebratory and often used strictly for the beautification of one’s body. Any celebration or party may include mehndi. Often, it is the reason for a gathering.

More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mehndi

Monday, August 21, 2006

Going Underground: Venue partner bridges the gap

A venue/agency partnership, led by The Ultimate Experience, has taken over a spacious nightclub under London Bridge Station and opened the venue for a feast of corporate activities from product launches to funky parties under the name The Bridge.

Here’s Simon Woodward from the Ultimate Experience talking about the venue – the decoration and lining Oasis Specialist Tent Hire did for Ultimate features towards the end of the showreel: http://eventsreview.com/news/venues/125/ [registration required].

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Green Weddings - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Continuing the green theme, I came across Green Weddings the other day - Ruth Culver will organise your wedding for you and keep it green. Amongst some of her ideas are:
  • Go local with your food & drink to cut food miles.
  • Source recycled materials for your invitations, or just use e-mail.
  • Use biodegradable confetti, or collect petals from flowers a florist was throwing out.
  • Do you really need new kitchenware? Consider a charity wedding list or select eco-friendly products.
  • Rent outfits or look for vintage - only buy things you'll definitely wear again.
  • Have a local stag/hen party - you’ll spend less time travelling
  • Honeymoon locally

We think we're pretty green too! Much of our equipment is hired out several times and is thus "re-used" - for example our Persian rugs are cleaned and re-used for every event.

Most of all I'd like to find a solution to the large amounts we pay for diesel for our small fleet of delivery vehicles. Any ideas welcome. email me here: info@oasistents.co.uk

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Green fingered: Bio-diesel power for the events industry

I saw this company (Midas, who supply bio-diesel-powered generators) at the Showman’s Show a couple of years ago, and happened across them again recently. I’m surprised why they don’t seem to have more competition?

From their website: “Midas recognised the need for a range of ecologically friendly super silenced generators and with this knowledge have developed a range of towable and truck mounted sets. Ranging in size from 10 to 150KVA, not only do these generators exceed the present EU regulation for noise and pollution control, but they are the only fleet in the UK powered by 100% Biodiesel”

You can find their website here: http://www.midas-uk.co.uk/

Friday, June 23, 2006

Oasis provides sumptuous wedding environment for the glitterati

Our Gloucestershire branch provided the interior for Tamzin Outhwaite’s wedding a few weekend’s ago in idyllic Somerset.

The wedding was covered by Hello Magazine in issue 923, Thursday, June 15.

Even Liam Gallagher of the other Oasis was there (nice pink suit!?): see below, or read more in the printed article in Hello, or for an online summary click here: http://www.hellomagazine.com/celebrities/2006/06/15/tamzinouthwaite/

We’re wondering whether we might be able to put some photos of the wedding up here, but given Hello’s exclusive coverage, I guess it’s unlikely!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

RISE London United Festival - London Finsbury Park

London's biggest free music festival, Rise: London United, will take place on Saturday 8th July 2006 at Finsbury Park.

With an eclectic mix of hip-hop, indie, pop, jazz and reggae, there is something for everyone at this festival, which aims to bring together the diverse community that is London. The

For example the African Village celebrates and showcases the vibrancy and diversity of London’s African communities through music, arts, culture, literature, food and film. The Village features:

  • Music Stage
  • Cinema Africa!
  • Workshops
  • Oware Games Hut
  • Hair braiding, head wrapping & face painting huts
  • Community Marketplace
  • Masquerade
  • Sports

… and Oasis Specialist Tent Hire are providing the Media Tent. More information at Rise: London United.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Local Press coverage - the Stow Times: Midnight at the Oasis and the Watton-at-Stone fete

Local Press coverage can be excellent – we’ve already had a number of enquiries from these two pieces of targeted press coverage, one of which appeared in the Stow Times (Issue 29) June 2006 - the other in the Watton-at-Stone Parish magazine appears below...

1. Stow Times (Issue 29) June 2006

Midnight at the Oasis

From Biny Gregory of Oasis


-In Stow on the Wold?

Well, it all sounds too fantastical to be true, but we have it on very good authority - there really is an "Oasis" located in middle of our North Cotswold town. Surrounded by the rolling fields and dry-stone walls of Stow on the Wold there is a company providing astonishingly beautiful tents, transporting you in an instant to the world of Sheherazade, Ali Baba and 1001 Nights…


Oasis Specialist Tent Hire is now in its 10th year of trading with customers from Durham in the north to Jersey in the south, and has become well known in the Marquee business as the "Bedouin Tent People". Oasis provides authentic tents and interiors for private parties, weddings, exhibitions, festivals, TV and Film productions. Step inside one of their colourful tents and you will find richly coloured Persian rugs and ottoman settees furnished with bolsters and brightly coloured tribal cushions. Large floor cushions invite you to sink down and "chill-out" whilst an authentic Moroccan incense burner smoulders away on a brass coffee table, scenting the air with a sensuous perfume. Palm trees wave in a gentle breeze, a camel is tethered nearby and a campfire is burning. Don't believe it? Check out the Oasis website on www.oasistents.co.uk and see for yourself!

Oasis Specialist Tent Hire is currently recruiting part-time helpers for its summer season and would welcome enthusiastic and fit applicants. If you think you would enjoy working with their team of dedicated and expert operatives, creating special venues for events full of Eastern Promise contact:

Mrs Biny Gregory 01451 832262

2. The Watton-At-Stone Parish Magazine

The Watton at Stone village fete plays host to a new attraction on 29th May.

In amongst all the sideshows and attractions we have come to expect will be a genuine Bedouin Tent, brought from the Middle East by Oasis Specialist Tent Hire.

The tent is one of a stock of tents recently acquired by Oasis as they begin their second year in business based here in Watton-at-Stone, serving London and the Home Counties.

Partners Mark and Dany Fremantle offer anyone holding an event a truly exceptional experience with all the luxury of a genuine Arab tent complete with Arabian furniture, lighting and Persian carpets, in any space from a small back garden to a wedding marquee.

For Mark settling in Hertfordshire is something like coming home. Although he was brought up in Nottinghamshire, a long line of Fremantles have taken part in local life. His father Tom was born and grew up in Hertfordshire; his grandfather David Fremantle lived at Bayford and was a District Councillor for many years and his grandmother, now Emmeline Boughey, lives at Great Hormead and was a school governor in Hertfordshire for an astonishing 60 years. Mark’s great grandfather was Sir Francis Fremantle, MP for St Albans until his death in 1944.

Mark and Dany, who were newly married this spring, said ‘It is enormously exciting to be setting up in business in Hertfordshire. We are very happy to be here and look forward to getting as thoroughly established in the County as previous generations of Fremantles. We’d like our Oasis teams to be made up of local people who will enjoy being part of a young business in the area. Hopefully the Bedouin “Committee Tent” at the fete this year will raise some interest!’

Oasis is based locally and is looking for people who enjoy working in a team and relish something of a challenge. Experience in the marquee or events industry or van driving experience are an advantage but not essential. Most important is to be local to Watton, and interested in a fun and physical part-time job, with a difference!

For further information on the tents see www.oasistents.co.uk or for employment contact Dany on 07891 807 901.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Camel Racing in the UK

Now this would be fun – camel racing… and in the UK!
From Joseph's Amazing Camels Ltd website:
The only camel racing business in the UK that puts on a spectacular display in your arena at outdoor events, county shows, agricultural shows, conferences, horse shows, race courses and any public gathering where the audience will be amazed. We offer four camels who are impeccably mannered. Your riders (over 18, wearing hard hats, with riding experience) will be led down the course on the camels by our experienced handlers and then our riders will race them back. All our handlers are attired in Arab-style costumes to complement the camels in their magnificent racing colours. Join in the spirit and dress up your riders too! No need to provide riders if you don't want to, our jockeys will do the whole display, racing down the arena, round the hairpin bend and back again.
More here: http://www.jacamels.co.uk/
Or you can hire camels from Oasis… here’s some camels hired earlier this year by a client

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The V&A's new Islamic and Middle East gallery

And if that’s not enough… [see previous post about contemporary Art from the Middle East at the British Museum] …the V&A has received a substantial donation to transform its Islamic Middle East gallery, as part of its FuturePlan programme. The new gallery will be named the Jameel Gallery of Islamic Art.

The new gallery will house treasures from the V&A's superb collection of Islamic art from the Middle East, including such famous pieces as the Ardabil carpet from 16th-century Iran, which is one of the largest and finest carpets in existence, and an exquisite rock crystal ewer from 11th-century Egypt.

The displays will explain how Islamic art developed from the great days of the Islamic caliphate in the 8th and 9th centuries AD. They will encompass carved ivories from Islamic Spain, inlaid metalwork from medieval Egypt, Iznik ceramics from Ottoman Turkey, tilework from 14th-century Uzbekistan and oil paintings from 19th-century Iran.

Middle East Art Now at the British Museum

There’s a new exhibition on Middle Eastern Art coming up at the British Museum which starts later this month called Middle East Art Now.

It features art, calligraphy, poetry, music and lectures of the Modern Middle East which from the online map includes: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Israel and Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and the Yemen.

It’s on from 18th May until 3rd September 2006, and includes a series of events, performance, films, of which there’s a selection here:

  • North African artists in the African galleries
  • Poems in Persian calligraphy
  • Words, letters and beyond
  • Cut and sparkle: insights into Sasanian glass
  • Early discoveries in the Middle East
  • Curator’s introduction to Word into Art: Artists of the Modern Middle East
  • Ancient Iraq in Conflict
  • Arabic calligraphy in the Middle East
  • Dakhla and the oases of Egypt’s Western Desert
  • Sense of Place: European Images of the Middle East
  • Arabic calligraphy in art
  • A source of inspiration: the Arab world in
  • Ancient board games of the Middle East
  • An evening of Sufi music and poetry
  • Literature and the conflict in the Middle East
  • Orientalism Now: the legacy of Edward Said
  • Middle Eastern food
  • 1001 Nights

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Most Original Wedding of the Year

There’s a new film out about the events industry: Confetti tracks three couples through the process of organising their own weddings and as they strive for the title of ‘Most Original Wedding of the Year’.

Channel Four film reviewers say: “A veritable 'Who's Who' of British comedy talent, Confetti is entirely improvised, seeking to channel the spirit of Christopher Guest (This Is Spinal Tap, Best In Show, A Mighty Wind). While it never quite reaches that level of perfection, it's nevertheless pretty funny.”

If I’ve read the press release correctly, Confetti is out on Friday 5th May.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Flexible Event Space: The Secret's Out

Hotels and conference centres can provide a range of facilities, but often come with restrictions such as existing decorative features, high costs for accessing things like power, and deals that lock you in to an in-house caterer, all of which can eat into your budget.

Click to read how Oasis Specialist Tent Hire can allow you to do more with your event budget and enable you to transform a blank event space, or click here for the article from Special Events Magazine that inspired this post.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hardens Party Guide

The world-reknown Hardens Party Guide have listed Oasis under the ‘marquees and theming’ category in their excellent new Harden’s Party Guide.

Harden's say "the London Party & Corporate Event Guide is the only comprehensive list of venues in the London area, along with a list of services available to put on a great event".

You can see the information on marquees in London here.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Watch the World Cup in style and comfort

Venues across London seem to be advertising themselves as somewhere to watch the World Cup later this year: http://www.world-cup-live.com/.

If you’d rather be a little more adventurous and make use of some extra space in your garden for example, and watch the game from the comfort of a pile of cushions, then I have just the answer for you –hire one of our Bedouin tents, with luxurious carpets, and low-level soft furniture. You provide the TV and the beers!

See http://www.bedouintent.co.uk/ for more details

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble [from the economist.com 20/03/06]

“Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble

Lighting up in London’s pubs, clubs and restaurants is set to become illegal after the House of Commons voted overwhelmingly on February 14th to ban smoking in all enclosed public spaces. The law, which will take effect in the summer of 2007, brings England in line with Scotland and Northern Ireland, which by then will have introduced bans of their own. The government claims the blanket ban will reduce the number of smoking-related illnesses and deaths.

Controversially, the ban will apply to private members’ clubs, where fat cigars are practically de rigueur in some cases. It is also causing consternation among London’s Middle Eastern residents, many of whom gather to smoke hookah pipes in bars, caf├ęs and restaurants. They claim the water pipes are less harmful than cigarettes, and that banning their public use will hurt both the establishments and the larger community. With the proposed ban yet to pass through the House of Lords, they may still win a concession.” [from the economist.com 20/03/06]

You can hire everything you need for a night of hookah pipe smoke with Oasis Specialist Tent Hire

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Oasis supports cultural understanding and dialogue between young people in Britain and the Middle East.

Our friend Charlie Devereux is off on a sponsored hike across the ‘desert’ in Norway to raise money to promote cultural understanding and dialogue between young people in Britain and the Middle East.

His friend Steve Stapleton has set up an amazing project promoting cross cultural understanding between the world of Islam and ours. He has compiled education packs to enable teachers in Britain's schools to teach children about Islamic art and culture. You only have to look at world events in just the last month- cartoon riots, the third anniversary of the start of the Iraq war- to realise how important his work is.

This expedition will provide funding for 8 state school kids to make a cultural trip to the Middle East.

Charlie will be cross country skiing 80 km across the snows of central Norway over a period of 3 days (up to 10 hours a day). He has never done cross country skiing before!

The Project

All funds will be used to take a small group of young state school students on a 10 day ‘art adventure’ to the Middle East. The expedition will travel through the United Arab Emirates and Sultanate of Oman where the young artists will record the kaleidoscopic nature of life in an Arab and Muslim culture. The UK students will be chosen from a variety of cultural, religious and economic backgrounds and work alongside their local counterparts in creating a positive and timely portrait of the region for the 21st Century. Using traditional artistic media alongside cutting edge satellite communications the students will record and communicate their street level experiences to much wider school audiences in UAE, Oman and the UK. Resources (including short films, image banks and online content) generated from the expedition will be offered to over 1000 schools across the UK. The expedition is not just about taking 8 young Britons abroad; it is about challenging the perception of regions, religions and cultures widely perceived as dangerous and alien. The experience of 8 young people will be the platform to inspire and inform many more.


Offscreen was set up by four British artists following their year long expedition to the Middle East in 2002-2003. Upon their return, their aim was to communicate their positive experiences to young people focus and in so doing, to encourage mutual understanding and challenge existing stereotypes. At the heart of Offscreen’s philosophy is the belief that art education can be an instrument of positive change within the classroom, the school and the wider community.

To date, Offscreen Education has been funded by the National Society for Education in Art and Design, the JAC Trust and a series of fundraising events (mainly parties and exhibitions). They have developed partnerships with the British Museum, the Royal Geographical Society, and the Arts Council to reach as many secondary students as possible.

Offscreen has already distributed resources to over 1100 schools across the UK and is facilitating a Middle East artists-in-schools initiative as part of the British Museum’s Arab World programme. The next stage is to offer a group of British state school students the chance to experience and record the Middle East for themselves.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pink Weddings - gay and lesbian weddings

Oasis is a preferred supplier on this gay and lesbian website: http://www.pinkoccasions.co.uk/marquees/index.htm

Pink Occasions is gay-owned & one of the busiest UK sites for wedding gifts and services for the pink sector.

Thailand and Thai theme

I'm back after my own wedding and then honeymoon in Thailand.
If your looking for a thai themed-party here are some photos of a "Black Thai" event we did last year! Orchids, rice-paper umbrellas, buddhas, and silk.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bedouin tent village, conference

Last year we worked as part of a group of companies, led by Corporate Events Plus, who produced an event a large UK supermarket. Here are some photos from the event:

All photos courtesy of
Corporate Events Plus

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Performers, snakecharmers, bellydancers, drummers, camels and more

It’s nice when other people start to promote you! See this link for party tent theming Arabian-style


Monday, January 16, 2006

The Middle East comes to North London

Here are some photos taken from a party we did yesterday – there are a number of camel’s for hire – this one (Tyfeit) is one of the most docile beasts I’ve ever met!

Contact Oasis Specialist Tent Hire to hire a camel!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Asian Bride Magazine - Oasis 'Setting the stage'

We've also recently been in Asian Brides magazine:

See some of our work in this article on Mehendi... Spot the deliberate mistake below!

And then some additional ideas provided by Oasis in the "Funky Bride Inspirations for your funky Big Day"

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Occasions Magazine - Indian Summer

"Vibrant colours, tastes and sounds are the only way to go this season. So spice up your wedding by injecting a glitzy Bollywood or Indian Summer theme" so says UK-based Occasions Magazine. Apparently "why not take advantage of space by erecting a beautiful Indian or Arabian-style tent. Oasis Specialist Tent Hire has a wide selection of tents and marquee linings in numerous sizes and bright colour scheme, which will not only creat a striking interior, but also hold anything from 40 to 400." I could n't agree more!